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FREE childcare during group fitness classes!


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Caregivers give their all and they deserve to have a break while they take care of themselves.

Book your kids in up to an hour before a session using our app or website (see below)

Childcare is available during the following classes:
       Mondays & Wednesdays
               12:00-12:30 Sculpt 30 Jazzercise
               12:30-1:30 Essentrics
               5:00 Zumba
               6:00 Cardio Sculpt Jazzercise

      Tuesdays & Thursdays
               12:00-1:00 Breathe & Flow Yoga
               5:00 Cardio Sculpt Jazzercise

Meet our childcare providers:

Leanne Vigil.png

Leanne Rael

Hi! I’m Leanne and I’m so excited to be a part of the Bridge to Health NM team serving as a childcare provider in the BTH Kids Program. I’m a big advocate for a holistic approach to health and wellness, believing it to encompass our spiritual, mental, and physical selves. I have experience working with children in an early childhood and therapeutic setting. I look forward to the growth of the BTH Kids Program and the exciting possibilities for expanding on services offered to families in our local community.

Bea Romero

My name is Beatrice Romero, and I grew up in northern New Mexico. From a young age I saw my parents take their health and fitness very seriously and I grew a love for yoga, running and biking myself. I now teach my own children how important it is to exercise and live a healthy and active lifestyle. I have experience in working with children and now I am raising my own. I know how hard it is to be a caretaker and take time for yourself and work towards your own health and fitness goals. Therefore, I love the idea of helping other caretakers be able to work on their health and take advantage of the amazing evening classes provided by BTHNM, while I can provide childcare in a healthy environment!

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