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Personal Coaching

Injury recovery and prevention, disability, athletic and personal goals. It's all about YOU.


Personal coaching for individuals, couple or small group for Half-Hour and One-Hour Sessions.

Half-hour and One-Hour Sessions are sold in bundles of four (4) sessions. Start with a FREE Telephone Consultation with your Trainer to talk about your needs and come up with a plan.

Personal Coaching includes:

  • Evidence based technique to safely improve your fitness.

  • Accountability.

  • Unlimited Group Fitness Classes during the week of your session.

PRICING: A Bundle of 4, Half-Hour Sessions is $120


Individual Coaching

Just you and your individual goals, barriers, issues and dreams. Program design, accountability, and practice to succeed.

Couple Coaching

Grab a partner or friend and experience the motivation that comes with doing it together.

Group Coaching
Small Group

Groups of friends, co-workers, or people with similar conditions progress together, reaching new heights.

Intense Training
The joy I feel after class is crazy.

I feel like I can take on the world!


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