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Taking you to
where you want to be

We are a nonprofit organization that offers group fitness classes, weight management and healthy eating courses, workplace wellness, personal training, motivation
and fall prevention courses and events to make wellness affordable for all. 

Our Mission

Bridge to Health NM empowers everyone to move, learn, laugh and grow in order to create a powerful culture of health by providing equitable access to wellness activities in a supportive community of diverse individuals.

Access for everyone to healthcare has come a long way,
but access to preventive care is woefully behind.
Exercise and diet can affect over 50% of health outcomes, but we spend only 4% of our national healthcare budget on them. 
We vow to right this wrong, at least in our own backyard by making the highest quality health behavior change and exercise options available to EVERYONE.
Through culturally informed and inclusive programming,

we work to help our neighbors, families, and friends we haven't met yet push through barriers to living their healthiest lives.




Our Founding Executive Director, Tana Beverwyk-Abouda, was born and raised in Alcalde and Lyden in the Española Valley. She has a Master’s degree in Cross Cultural Health Communication from Purdue University, served 3 years as a US Peace Corps Volunteer working on HIV/AIDS prevention in Malaŵi, and has worked in Health Education and Behavior Change for the New Mexico Department of Health, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Michigan State University and El Centro Family Health. She is an Exercise Is Medicine Personal Trainer (ACSM) and group fitness instructor, graduated from Los Alamos High School, and has owned the Española Fitness Studio since 2011. 

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