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Healthy Eating & Weight Management Course

  • 8Weeks
  • 10Steps
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This eight-week long, self-paced Course combines video lectures, personal coaching session, and skill practice to help you understand the biological, psychological, and environmental reasons you choose to eat how you do. Whether you would like to lose or maintain your weight, eat better to manage chronic conditions, or just want to understand your diet's effect on your body and life, this is the Course for you. Presented through a body positive lens, this Course will help you honor your body and treat like the beautiful machine it is. You will learn about the neuroscience of cravings, insulin resistance, hormones, macronutrients, fiber, micronutrients, stress, exercise, healthy gut microbiome, sleep, culture, sabotage, plateaus, set-point theory, intermittent fasting, clinical risks of unhealthy eating and carrying too much weight, mindful eating, intuitive eating, food logging, and hypertension, among other topics. As a participant in this Course, you get exclusive and ongoing access to the online Community where you gain access to additional resources and supports. This Course is eligible for financial aid, so contact us if you are in need.

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